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Post Indicator Gate Valve

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Post Indicator Gate Valve - AWWA C515 - DI - NRS - UL/FM

UL/FM Post Indicator United Model 2010-PIV AWWA Resilient Seated Gate Valves offer State of the Art design and construction and may be used in a variety of applications for Water Works and Fire Protection service.  Manufactured to exceed the requirements of AWWA C515-09 Standard, the body, bonnet, and wedge are of high strength ductile-iron.  The wedge is totally encapsulated with EPDM rubber to provide a leak proof seal every time.  The stem and specially designed bonnet studs are of Stainless Steel; there are no exposed nuts or fasteners.  The Model 2010-PIV is Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated to AWWA C550 Standard, offering the ultimate in corrosion protection.
The United Model 2010-PIV is available in Mechanical Joint, Flanged, Mechanical Joint x Flanged, and Tapping Valve configurations.
Note: For a comparison of AWWA C515-09 vs.the older AWWA C509 Standard, please scroll down.

Post Indicator Valve
Resilient Seat
Non Rising Stem
Flange x Flange
MJ x Flange
1. Conforms to AWWA C515-09
2. MJ dimensions conform to AWWA C153.
3. Flange dimensions conform to ANSI B16.1 Class 125.
4. Fusion Bond Epoxy Coated Interior and Exterior to AWWA C550 Standard. NSF-          61 Certified.
5. 2" Square Operating Nut provided. Color coded black. (open right valves                        provided with RED operating nuts).
6. Compatible with all industry standard Vertical Indicator Posts, NFPA 24.
7. Working Pressure:
UL/FM rated working pressure: 2”~12” - 300 psi

UL/FM rated working pressure: 14”~16” - 250 psi

UL rated working pressure: 18" - 250 psi
UL rated working pressure: 20” & 24” - 200 psi

FM rated working pressure: 18" & 24" - 200 psi

8. Temperature: 2°C (35°F) to 82°C (180°F)
9. Conforms with the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act (Lead Free)

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